Shauna May Seneca – dates added

To supplement our gym time during periods where there are less of our regular bookings, we’ve added the following new dates to the IBC Schedule:

Shauna May Seneca School ( 7:00 PM 9:30 PM )

Thursday, 10-Nov-2022
Thursday, 17-Nov-2022

Thursday, 22-Dec-2022

Thursday, 02-Feb-2023
Thursday, 16-Feb-2023
Thursday, 23-Feb-2023

Thursday, 09-Mar-2023
Thursday, 16-Mar-2023
Thursday, 23-Mar-2023

Thursday, 06-Apr-2023
Thursday, 13-Apr-2023

Thursday, 25-May-2023

Please note that these dates are tentative until we receive our license. For now, please consider them a go. If anything changes, we will update the website and send an email to those on the mailing list.

If the dates are not appearing (now) when you view the play schedule on the IBC website, you will need to clear your web browser cache. The dates should automatically appear if you’ve subscribed to the IBC calendar via iCal.