WHEN: March 16-17, 2024

WHERE: W.P. Wagner School (6310 Wagner Road, Edmonton)

Registration & Draws

This tournament is only open to EDBA Adult members and volunteers. Free of charge.

WHEN: February 24 & 25, 2024

WHERE: W.P. Wagner School (6310 Wagner Road, Edmonton)

Registration & Draws

The following play times at WP Wagner have been cancelled due to the EDBA tournament:

Sat. Feb 24, 2024 2pm-4pm
Sun. Feb 25, 2024 12pm-2pm

EDBA Tournament Information

Info and sign up:

Registration closes on Saturday February 17th 2024 11:59pm (GMT -07:00).

We received notice that our scheduled session on April 6, 2024 at WP Wagner from 2pm-4pm has been cancelled due to a school event. Please note the change.

The City of Edmonton cancelled the following scheduled dates due to a tournament:

Sat. Feb. 3, 2024 – 2pm-4pm at WP Wagner
Sun. Feb. 4, 2024 – 12pm-2pm at WP Wagner

The following 3 play dates have been added to theĀ schedule:

WP Wagner

Sat. Jan. 20, 2024 – 2pm-4pm
Sun. Jan. 21, 2024 – 12pm-2pm
Sat. Jan. 27, 2024 – 2pm-4pm

Please help spread the word to other members who may not check their email as often. Non-members are welcome as part of theĀ IBC Guest Program.

2023-2024 season membership fees have been discounted 50% for new members joining IBC as of January 15, 2024. First come, first served, until we reach our cap of 100 members.

2023-2024 membership fees

2023-2024 IBC Family program fees are also discounted 50% for the children of our members.

2023-2024 IBC Family Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of the IBC Family Program for the 2023-2024 season. Please refer to for details.

IBC is accepting new members! Please refer to Joining IBC for details about our new member draw.

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