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Special Pricing for IBC Members

All stringing is done with an electronic tensioner.

Stringing Prices:

  • Yonex BG65, BG65TI, Ashaway ZM66FP, ZM62F – $23.00
  • Yonex BG80, BG80P – $25.00
  • Yonex NBG95, NBG98, NBG99, BG66UM, Aerosonics – $27.00
  • Yonex Aerobite – $30.00

For more information:
Contact Jimmy at

Special Pricing for IBC Members

LM Pink – High Quality Goose Feather Shuttlecocks
$22 Per tube.

LM90 – BWF Approved International Tournament Shuttlecocks
$28 Per Tube.

Grips – RKEP G10 Grips (Feel like Yonex Supergraps but last longer)
$1 Each Or Pack of 25 for $20

For more information:
Contact Jimmy at

Should you be interested in trying out Li-Ning rackets, text 780.566.3233. William is Direct Sales from Li-Ning Canada and have several demo rackets on hand.

All shuttles are made in Taiwan and are available in 75-77-78 and 79 speeds. $17.50 per tube(12’s). Contact Eugene Lin (780-432-7879).

Supply your own string and pay only $12.00 for labour.

I can also supply string. Stringing (labour + string) cost is $25 and up, depending on string.

Contact John Lee (