First play day at IBC 2015/2016 — Sept 9 (Wednesday)

Welcome to IBC 2015/2016 season. First play day at WP Wagner is Wednesday, Sept 9, 2015.

The IBC season starts September 9, 2015. First six play dates are Sept 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21. Returning members have until September 21 to renew their membership. COMPLETE and BRING the waiver with you.

If you appoint a proxy to register for you, full payment must be received by end of play on September 21. A shoe tag will be given to you when you personally hand in a completed waiver. All players must have a shoe tag in order to play.

Registered member wishing to add spouse/children within the family membership category may fill out a ‘waiting list’ upon registration by Sept 21. Please note that maximum capacity (100) members and Family Membership rules applies. New members (if any) accepted under this category will be announced after Sept 21. Membership is due on or before Sept 23.