Executive Descriptions

All IBC Executive positions are held by volunteers.

The following is a summary of the positions and their responsibilities.

All positions

  1. Attend IBC executive meetings.
  2. Learn and understand IBC operations.
  3. Learn and understand EDBA and it’s role.
  4. EDBA meetings occur once per month, September through June. IBC executives provide backup availability for IBC’s EDBA representative should he/she be unable to attend a meeting.


  1. The President is the main contact person with EDBA.
  2. Responsible for handling club announcements, schedule changes, EDBA news, and minutes of meeting.
  3. Bring forward any concerns to the EDBA through the IBC EDBA representative.
  4. Respond to any required IBC actions resulting from EDBA meetings.
  5. The President should attend at least the first EDBA meeting.
  6. Confirm IBC starting date, time and schedule with EDBA before the season starts (around early September).
  7. Upon resignation, inform EDBA of the names and addresses of the new President and Vice-President.
  8. Call the following season’s IBC executive election.
  9. Call meetings with other IBC executives as required.
  10. Compile membership list with members’ names, email addresses and postal codes (first 3 characters) at the beginning of season. Maintain a record of all IBC members and provide membership list to the EDBA. Send IBC email notices as required.
Assign the following jobs to other executives:
  1. Shuttle management: Purchase shuttles through EDBA when stock is running low, Bring shuttles to the club.
  2. Purchase IBC membership shoe tags.
  3. Email members for any schedule changes.
  4. Organize social events.


  1. Assist the President in the performance of his or her duties and exercise all the powers of the president in his or her absence.
  2. Respond to IBC email general inquiries.


  1. Collect membership and drop-in fees. Note: Alan Thom and Archie Lim are IBC’s honorable members and their memberships are free.
  2. Look after banking and book-keeping for the IBC account.
  3. Carry out other responsibilities as requested by the President.
  4. Circulate or report bank account statements and book-keeping statements to other executives periodically.
  5. Obtain the 2 required signatures whenever a cheque is being issued from the IBC account.
  6. Handle the IBC fee schedule and make the schedule available to members.
  7. At the end of the badminton season, no later than the beginning of the next season, have all invoices, receipts, bank statements and book-keeping statements ready for the President for filing.
  8. Obtain receipts from all expense claimants before reimbursement.


  1. Prepare the minutes for IBC meetings. Distribute copies of the minutes to executives.
  2. Prepare and type any newsletters.
  3. Carry out other responsibilities as requested by the President.


  1. Maintain and update the IBC website as required.

EDBA Representative

  1. Attend all EDBA meetings on behalf of IBC.
  2. Circulate minutes of EDBA meetings for IBC executives.

Members at Large

  1. Provide assistance for club endeavours when able.
  2. Perform the duties of any of the above executives in their absence or the duties of an executive who has resigned.
  3. Gain an understanding of IBC operations.
  4. Gain an understanding of the EDBA and it’s role.