Court Waiting System

IBC uses a court waiting system to ensure all players have equal and fair access to the courts. The waiting system also encourages players of different skill levels to play together.

The rules of the waiting system are simple. All players must abide by the rules of the waiting system. Members who violate these rules will have their club membership revoked, with no membership refund. Drop-ins who violate these rules may be asked to leave, with no refund, and banned from dropping in in the future.

The waiting system operates as follows:

  • At the entrance to the gym, there are 9 boxes numbered 1 through 9. A marker tracks which box will play when the next free court becomes available.
  • A player who wishes to be in queue for a court puts his/her racquet into one of the 9 boxes. Maximum 1 racquet in the wait queue per player. A player is absolutely not allowed to reserve a spot for another player.
  • A player already playing in a court cannot be waiting in queue at the same time. In other words, a player already playing in a court cannot have a racquet in any of the 9 boxes.
  • Players are free to choose which box they want to put their racquet in. Maximum 4 racquets per box.
  • Do not arbitrarily move another player’s racquet from one box to another without the player’s consent.
  • Players who wish to play together can choose to have their racquets put into the same box.
  • When there are other players waiting, only groups that have assembled 4 players can go on to a court. It is up to the players to make sure they have a foursome assembled before their turn to play is up.
  • A group with an incomplete foursome will lose its turn until the group has completed its foursome. An incomplete group may ask any of the players coming off the court that the group is going on to join the group.
  • Players are free to withdraw their racquet from a box. When withdrawing from a box that has 4 racquets in it originally, the player withdrawing the racquet should work with the rest of the group to find a replacement. However, a player cannot withdraw his/her racquet from a group which is in the process of going on to a vacant court as this will render the group incomplete and prevent the group from going on the available court.
  • A player has the right to join any waiting box that has 3 or fewer racquets.
  • The group going on an available court should move the magnetic marker from its box to the next higher-numbered box.

The waiting system has proven to work very well in past seasons. It brings order to an otherwise potentially chaotic situation. Your cooperation in helping the waiting system work is most appreciated. We welcome any suggestions to further improve the waiting system.