Membership & Fees

IBC club membership is open to the public. To avoid overcrowding, IBC has capped its membership at 100 members. For information about joining IBC as a new member, click here.
Returning IBC members have between September 6 and end of play September 20, 2017 to renew their membership. Membership fee must be paid in full and waiver submitted before members are allowed to play.

Club Fees

All IBC members, including IBC Executives who volunteer their services to help manage the club, must pay their membership fee. Club fees for the 2017/18 season are as follows:

Individual memberships

Single: $120

An individual membership is available to a person 16 years of age or older by September 30 of the membership renewal year.

Family memberships

Family of 2: $180

Family of 3: $240

Family of 4: $300

Family membership to IBC requires that immediate family members reside at the same address. “Immediate family”, means, in respect of an IBC member:

  1. The member’s spouse or common-law partner. “Common-law partner” means a person who has been cohabiting with an IBC member in a conjugal relationship for at least one year.
  2. The member’s children and the children of the member’s spouse or common-law partner. Children must be 16 years of age or older by September 30 of the membership intake year. Children must be under the age of 25 on September 30 of the membership intake year. Children must be enrolled in school if 18 years of age or older.
Accepted methods of payment

Membership fees can be paid by cash or cheque. If paying by cheque, please make the cheque payable to “IBC”.

Member Registration

When registering as a club member, you will be asked to complete a 2017-2018 Waiver. You may be asked to prove you meet IBC’s age requirements and/or immediate family requirements (if applying for a family membership).

You will also be asked to provide the first 3 characters of the postal code of your home address. This 3-character grouping, called the Forward Sortation Area (FSA), identifies a specific geographic area within Canada. Collection of the FSA of a club member’s home address allows the City of Edmonton to audit to ensure that at least 75% of IBC’s members reside within the city limit of Edmonton. This then qualifies IBC to book gym time at Edmonton schools, such as the W.P. Wagner High School where IBC plays.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the collection and use of the FSA, please feel free to contact an IBC Executive.